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AC charging cable with vehicle charging plug and free outlet for fast charging of electric vehicles (EVs) with alternating current (AC) via national standard AC vehicle sockets, for installation at EV charging stations


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    Product certification

    Product advantages

    ☑All Degson's vehicle AC plugs and power supply AC plugs adopt a unified design
    ☑The surface of power and signal contacts are silver-plated
    ☑Certified to IATF 16949:2016 system
    ☑Ergonomic handle with additional rubber grip assembly for easy handling
    1. 3D model
    2. Environmental conditions
    3. Electrical characteristics
    4. Marking material
    5. Environmental Product Compliance
    6. Cable
    7. Dimension

    3D model

    Environmental conditions

    Ambient temperature (operation) - 30 °C ~ 50 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage / transport) - 40 °C ~ 80 °C
    IP classIP54(coupling )

    Electrical characteristics

    Maximum charge power4KW
    Rated current of high-power contacts16
    Power contact rated voltage 250
    Quantity of signal contacts 2
    Signal contact rated current 2
    Signal contact rated voltage 30
    Resistance coding 680Ω
    Signal transmission type Pulse width adjustment

    Marking material

    Shell colorblack
    EV charger color black
    Cover color black
    Customization basis Provided according to customer requirements
    Shell material Plastic
    Handle material area Plastic
    Actuating handle material Metal
    Protective cover material Soft plastic
    Connection material Plastic
    Flammability rating V0
    Contact surface materialAg

    Environmental Product Compliance

    China RoHSconform


    Cable composition 3*2.5mm²+1*0.75mm²
    Wiring standard GB/T 33594-2017 
    Wiring level 5 class
    Cable outer diameter 14±0.5mm
    Wire type Straight line
    Cable resistance ≤ 0.00798 Ω/m (Based on the power core, at an ambient temperature of 20°C)
    Outer sheath,colorblack
    Minimum bend radius 84 mm
    Outer sheath, materialPUR


    Vehicle connector height 101mm(Vehicle charging connector)
    Vehicle connector width75mm(Vehicle charging connector)
    Vehicle connector depth 236.8mm(Vehicle charging connector)
    Cable length 5000±100mm
    Strip length 100±10mm

    CQC parameters

    Overvoltage category/Degree of pollution III/3
    Rated voltage 250V
    Rated current 16A
    IP class IP54
    Order number 22010000058
    Packing unit 5pcs/box
    Minimum order quantity 5
    Products weight (without packaging) 13.65
    MGAC.stp Download
    CAD Data
    MGAC-S-016A-V-03-5.0M-50AH.dxf Download
    MGAC-S-016A-V-03-5.0M-50AH.pdf Download

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