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Terminal Blocks

  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks

    • PCB PlugPCB SocketDIN-Rail/Panel Mounting Connector
  • PCB Terminal Blocks

    • Screw Type PCB Terminal BlocksSpring Type PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Barrier Terminal Blocks

    • Single Level TypeDouble Level TypeTransfer Type
  • Through-Wall Terminal Blocks

  • Transformer Terminal Blocks

  • Feed Through Terminal Blocks

  • Metal Parts

  • Enclosure

    • Industrial Automation EnclosureInstrument EnclosureCustomized Enclosure
  • Accessories

  • Data Connector



  • Push-In DIN-Rail TB

  • Spring-Cage Type DIN-Rail TB

  • Screw Type DIN-Rail TB

    • DC Steel Cage Locking TBPC Copper Alloy Cage Locking TB
  • Accessory

    • Terminal block accessoriesInstallation accessories
  • Marking & Installation

Circular Connector

  • M Series

  • Distributor

  • Servo Connector

  • 7/8 Connector

  • Circular Customization

  • Communication connector


  • Inserts

    • DA Insert SeriesDD Insert SeriesDDD Insert SeriesDE Insert SeriesDEE Insert SeriesDQ Insert SeriesDSB Insert SeriesDK Insert SeriesDM Insert Series
  • Contacts

    • 5A Crimp Contacts10A Crimp Contacts16A Crimp Contacts40A Crimp Contacts
  • Housing

    • D3A HousingD10A HousingD16A HousingD32A HousingD6B HousingD10B HousingD16B HousingD24B HousingD32B HousingD48B Housing
  • Accessories

    • Hinged FramesCable GlandLock NutTools

Electronic products

  • Relay

    • Electromagnetic RelaysRelay Socket And Accessories
  • IO Module

    • IP20 bus couplerDigital moduleAnalog modulePower module
  • Industrial switch

    • Unmanaged switchUnmanaged switch (POE)SFP Modules
  • Controller System Wiring

    • Relay ModuleInterface Module
  • Bus I/O

    • I/O Multi-Functional Housing
  • Multi-Core Cable

    • Controller System Cable
  • Power Supplies

    • DPS1 Standard Single Phase Power SuppliesDPS1-WI Wide Input Single/Two Phase Power SuppliesDPS3 Standard Three Phase Power SuppliesDPS-DIODE Redundancy Module
  • Push button indicator

    • DT22M Push Button IndicatorDT22A Push Button Indicator

Electric Vehicle Charger

  • EV-Charger

    • AC EV ChargerDC EV Charger
  • Charging Socket

    • Socket-InletSocket-Outlet
  • Accessories

    • EV-ParkBag

EBIKE Connector

  • EBBH power connetor

    • EBBH power right angle plugEBBH power socket
  • Circular power connector

    • EBBL circular power right angle plugEBBL circular power right straight plugEBBL circular power socketEBBM circular power right angle plugEBBM circular power socket
  • EBBR rectangular power connector

    • Rectangular power plugRectangular power socket
  • Float exchanging battery connetor

    • Float exchanging battery connector female sideFloat exchanging battery connector male side
  • EBM motor circular connector

  • EBC charging port

    • EBC charging port socket
  • EBS signal plug

    • EBS2 plug with 2 pinsEBS2 plug with 3 pinsEBS2 plug with 4 pinsEBS2 plug with 5 pinsEBS2 plug with 6 pins
  • EBS signal socket

    • EBS2 socket with 3 pinsEBS2 socket with 2 pinsEBS2 socket with 4 pinsEBS2 socket with 5 pinsEBS2 socket with 6 pins

Energy Storage Connector

  • Single-core Connector

  • Simple high current Connector

  • Waterproof multi-core communication connector

  • MSD

  • Multi-Spring Contact Power Connector

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