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Multi-level terminal block, connector method: Push-in connector, Rated voltage : 500 V,Rated current : 20 A, Number of connectors: 6, Number of potentials: 1, Cross section: 0.2 mm² - 4 mm², AWG: 26 - 12, Width: 5.2 mm, Color: gray, Mounting type: NS35/7.5, NS35/15

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    Product certification

    Product advantages

    ☑Multi-level terminal block.
    ☑Push-in connection technology, tool-free operation, more convenient and faster;
    ☑With orange wire button, one word or cross screwdriver can release wire.
    ☑Unique plug-in bridge, high circuit connection efficiency.
    ☑Optional marker to avoid wire mis-inserting.
    ☑Equipped with test holes for easy testing of the circuit.
    1. 3D model
    2. IEC Electrical parameters
    3. UL Electrical parameters
    4. Wiring data
    5. Environmental conditions
    6. IEC Electrical parameters
    7. Safety test
    8. Mechanical performance test
    9. Environmental protection
    10. Electrical performance test
    11. Dimension
    12. Overview

    3D model

    IEC Electrical parameters

    Rated current (III / 3)20A

    UL Electrical parameters

    Rated voltage300V
    Rated current20A

    Wiring data

    Conductor cross section flexible (ferrule without plastic sleeve)0.14-2.5mm²
    Conductor cross section flexible (ferrule with plastic sleeve)0.14-2.5mm²
    2 flexible conductors with a TWIN ferrule0.5mm²
    Strip length 10~12mm
    Conductor cross section solid0.14~4mm²
    Conductor cross section flexible0.14~2.5 mm²
    Conductor cross section solid AWG26~12

    Environmental conditions

    Ambient temperature (storage / transport)-25℃~60℃
    Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ~ 105 °C(depending on derating curve)
    Relative humidity (storage/transport)25%~75%

    IEC Electrical parameters

    Rated voltage (III / 3)500V
    Rated surge voltage6KV

    Safety test

    Anti-finger touchPassed the test

    Mechanical performance test

    Mechanical strengthPassed the test
    Fixing supportPassed the test
    Rotational Pull TestPassed the test

    Environmental protection

    REACh SVHCLead 7439-92-1
    RoHSNo excessive harmful substances

    Electrical performance test

    Voltage drop≤3.2mV
    Temperature rise test≤45 K


    NS 35/7,5 Height60.75mm
    End plate width2.2mm
    NS 35/15 Height68.25mm


    Insulating material groupI
    standard testIEC60947-7-1
    Connection typeIn line connection
    Number of rows3
    number of connections6
    Open-end side panelsYes
    Insulation MaterialsPA
    Flame retardant grade, in line with UL 94V0
    1. Marker
    2. Accessories
    3. Installation


    Top marker /
    Side marker ZSF5
    Marker support DMTH5-2 / DMTH5-3


    Slotted screwdriver size (Blade thickness x Width) mm 0.6x3.5
    Bridge DFBXX-5.2
    End cover D-DS2.5-3L


    End clamp E-WS N / E-PC-1100A
    Terminal strip marker support KLM3-20x8 / KLM3-44x8 / DBE-1 / DBE-2
    DIN rail NS35/7.5-1000-00A(H)
    Order number 11040000125
    Packing unit 50
    Minimum order quantity 50
    Products weight (without packaging) 19.433
    DS2.5-3L-01P-1Y-00A(H)-C.stp Download
    CAD Data
    DS2.5-3L-01P-1Y-00A(H)-C-00.dxf Download
    DS2.5-3L-01P-1Y-00A(H)-C-00.pdf Download
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